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PVC NARGS Plant Exchanges

1. Refreshments (coffee & doughnuts) will be on tap.

2. Your plants should be marked with the botanical name on a non-smear (pencil), non-fading


3. On arrival, please sign in, pick up your name tag, and show the plants you brought to the

exchange. Place your plants in alphabetical order, by genus name, in the designated locations. It

would be helpful if you also include your name or initials on the back of the label and indicate

some cultural information. Please note that if a plant is considered by many to be invasive, it

should be identified as such, and it may be removed before the exchange begins.

4. To participate in the early rounds, one must have brought at least 6 non-house plants,

preferably rock garden-suitable, and be a current member (one can join on the day of the plant

exchange). As an alternative, people who have donated plants to a preceding plant sale (the

surplus from which will go into the exchange) may also participate. House plants, hopefully rare

and unusual ones, will be placed in a separate category for distribution, first-come-first-served.

Before the beginning of the first round, it will be announced that all rounds are for donors

only until such time as the caller opens it up to all members.

5. There will be an opportunity to give a brief description of any especially notable plants.

6. Look around at what others have brought. Competition for choice plants is fierce, and you want

to be able to go straight to your target when your number is called.

7. Numbers (to determine the order of selecting plants) will be drawn, one number per


8. Numbers are called successively. When you hear your number, please call out and make your


9. Successive rounds are called until most or all of the desirable plants are gone. Then there is a

free-for-all for the remainder. It is the caller's option when to reverse the numbers or increase the

number of plant that can be chosen.

A lunch period (brown bag) with time to socialize and a business meeting will follow the



“What if the weather is severely inclement?” In case of inclement weather at any plant exchange

or meeting, check your email, or call on the morning of the meeting to find out if it has been


Call the host garden: Alice Nicolson is often the host – 703-979-5871

In Virginia call Dixie Hougen 703-360-3948

In Maryland or DC call Paul Botting 301-869-3742

No decision will be made until the morning of the meeting, at which time the Chair will originate

an email and notify the people above.

This provision is applicable to any meeting that may be canceled due to weather conditions